Custom software application development is designing of software programmes or applications for a specific user or group of users within an enterprise. Such software is designed to address their functional requirements or needs. Until now, AWATA Software Systems has developed a number of custom software applications. Some of them are listed below:

Custom software application for loss mitigation, mortgage loan modification, shortsale, foreclosure, credit repair, bankruptcy, debt validation.

AWATA has developed one of the biggest CRM for the loan processing industry. Along with our client, The loan post, we have developed a web based, loss mitigation, loan modification software and short sale software with all the tools needed to start, run and manage a short sale or loan modification business. It is a "software-as-a-service" giving its users a 360-degree view of its borrowers, prospects and active client files. ... Read More

Software for Health Care, Disabled Care, Medical Video Books.

In the area of health care, AWATASoftSys has developed a highly secured, online software program that meets the charting, documentation and reporting needs of organizations serving people with developmental disabilities. Apart from the considerable saving of time and effort in writing reports and analyzing data, finding documents, and communicating with staff members, the software eliminated the error in reports that can be generated on-the-fly.

AWATASoftSys has a couple of web sites developed for eminent doctors. These web sites have video-books that are popular among post graduates in medical colleges around the world. ... Read More

Web-based Software For Data-driven PDF Document Preparation.

For many clients world-wide, AWATA Software has developed web applications that allow document preparation online. These documents are data-driven, meaning they are based on data collected stored in a database. The software is being used by millions of home owners, car renting companies, Care takers etc. ... Read More

Web-based software for e-signature of documents online.

AWATA has developed web based software that allows users to send documents to clients for Online E-Signature. Users login into the secured portal, prepare the document, and email them to clients. The client has to click the link the email to go to the secured online portal and sign it online. ... Read More

Supply Chain, Procurement, Distribution software.

Internet has paved the way manufacturers, traders, distributors and customers interact. Buying & selling of products through websites is fast catching up. Likewise Traders and Distributors are also procuring the products from manufacturers and distribute them online using web-based applications.

AWATA has developed the software to enable a leading printer and distributors worldwide to procure products from around the globe, add value to the products and distribute them to thousands of dealers worldwide. All of the activities involved from quotation for an order, estimating the cost, procurement, booking shipment online, generating shipping labels etc, have been automated by AWATA. ... Read More

Software for Engineering Education, Online Test, Quiz, Search Video Lectures for key words

BodhBridge is an Educational Services Company with the core objective of serving students in higher educational institutions by providing affordable, high quality knowledge based services to catalyze effective and efficient learning. AWATASoftSys, is the software technology partner in their venture, by developing their education portal.  ... Read More

Computer Telephony, IVR Software Application Development.

The use of mobile phones is widespread and there is a growing need for accessing data on computer network via mobiles. We have demonstrated our strength in developing interactive voice response (IVR) applications using customized Voice-XML. ... Read More

Real estate Property Listing Search Using Maps, Phone.

AWATASoftSys has developed a platform for use by property dealers in Ohio, USA. The system is programmed to automatically update MLS listings in the state. The data is also made accessible via conventional and smart phones. ... Read More

Text Search Using Lucene API.

Apache Lucene is a rich full-text search library written in Java. For a hotel search and booking service provider, we have implemented full-text indexing of hotel data. This helps users to search for hotels in the portal just as they would in a search engine. Supporting full-text search using Lucene API requires two important steps: such as (1) Creating a lucence index and (2) Parsing user's search query and looking up the pre built index. ... Read More

Car Rental Software Development

For a multinational Car Rental Company, AWATA developed the complete backend software application and database to manage their fleet of 29000+ cars, rental booking, payment processing and CRM. The software is multilingual - in English and Arabic ... Read More

Tour, Travel Software Development

In the area of tourism, AWATASoftSys, developed for a multilingual web site for an Australian tour manager / operator. The web site specializes in bringing to the clients, the best tours, attractions and activities from registered tour operators in Australia. The web site is in English, Japanese and Chinese

... Read More

Focus Areas in Software Development

Custom Software Applications Development

Custom software application development is designing of software programmes or applications for a specific user or group of users within an enterprise.

Software Maintenance

The traditional, problem-oriented view of maintenance says that our chief goal in maintenance should be to reduce costs. In contrast our focus is on maximizing effectiveness, and not just on minimizing cost.

Responsive Web site Development

We make your web sites responsive allowing uesrs to access your web site using any device - computers, tablets, smart phones and other hand-held devices.

E-commerce Web site Implementation

At AWATA, we have built a number of e-commerce web sites for clients worldwide. Coupled with our SEO and SEM experience, we have doubled the online business for our clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Company

We have done extensive research on how web sites are listed by various search engines. Based on our research we have come up with SEO ideas and helped our clients' web sites achieve good ranks.

Internet Marketing

As the owner of a web site if you want to be listed in the first page of google, our SEO services can help. But to compete with similar companies and getting qualified referrals, it is necessary to advertise.

ERP Sofware

Our ERP software automates and integrates all of your business processes. The software can be customized to suit your specific business needs to improve your business operations and profit.

CRM Sofware

Our CRM software allows you to manage your leads, customers and follow up with invoices. It can be customized to any business and in multiple languages.